The Surrogates

The relationship between the Surrogates and humanity is long and complex. It has facilitated wondrous bounties but also unparalleled death.

In the early days, colossal machines rose out of the first waves of AI and next-gen robotics, marauders that helped build the new world. Expansion beyond anything we’d ever envisaged consumed the planet, and to start, this was no bad thing. There was solidarity in our growth, we shared what we had, but it didn’t last.

War came, and the evolution of the Surrogates took a frightening turn. From enormous world builders into small, human-like, bipedal drones made in our own image and built to fight, and then survive the ravaged world left behind.

After we fled Earth, the Surrogates reclaimed their role as civilisation builders, now they are vital to the colonisation of Mars, and the next phase of human civilisation. Each has their own unique abilities, weapons, tools and skills, each vital to the human effort, and each with their own secrets to keep.

Drop Mechanics

There will be a total of 1000 Surrogates NFTs made. All meticulously handmade and personal,
each with its own attributes and unique look. They are part of The Ethertales.

Part 1:
The entire season of Surrogates (50 new Surrogates per season)
will be minted on RARIBLE.

Part 2:
I will set a 24h timer after the last Surrogate of the season is minted.

Part 3:
During that time, people can bid on their Surrogates.

Part 4:
After 24h I will accept all bids over 1ETH starting from the
first Surrogate minted to the last (1 to 50).

Important Notes:
– Collector-specific Surrogates are not for sale since they are gifts.
However they have the option to “donate” to the cause.
– The Last Surrogate of the season will be up for 48h instead of 24h since it marks the end of the season and it’s a special edition.

Current SEASON 3 Drop Date

PS: In case I’m not done until Friday then Saturday 17th is the new date.

Good luck and welcome to Etherea!