Welcome to the fictional sci-fi world of The Ethertales™.


What are the Ethertales™?

The Ethertales™ aren’t just some random images without purpose. They are a set of tailor-made, interconnected, short, surreal sci-fi stories. A movement set in the Universe of Etherea specifically designed to spread the world of NFT /Crypto Art to the masses in a fun and accessible way.

The Origin

I started this Project on May 28th 2019. Back then it did not have a name nor a specific purpose. I knew I wanted to make it something more, something symbolic. With the rise of NFT/CryptoArt, I knew I found found the right medium for it.

The purpose, the symbol, the story. Finally.

At 6AM in the morning on a sleepless night, after a chat with a certain person, and later that day another certain person, The Ethertales™ came into existence.

When people ask, “What are The Ethertales™?”, I get to engage in a discussion about Crypto Art and subsequently gather more interest into the creative, supportive and crazy world of NFT.

But it didn’t quite start there. My first dive in the Crypto Art world was with the help of Igor. Igor introduced me to NFT/CryptoArt, helped me set myself up for and explained how everything works very clearly. To everyone who helped me get my “push“, thank you.

The Story

I knew what I wanted it to be but I sadly don’t have all the necessary skills to develop my story. That’s why I employed the help of a very special person in my life: SynticFaye. A skilled Dungeon Master, Artist and Storyteller who helped me brainstorm the Prologue and Backstory of The Ethertales. With my guidance, she decided to join the NFT movement and collaborate in this space. With our minds and creativity combined, we managed to come up with some amazing short stories. After writing and making art for weeks on end, I finally got the project ready for launch.


You can check out all the individual stories
as they release on SuperRare and on Ethertales.com